Arthur accepte de voler les pillards de Lemoyne. Il a également un chien, Copper. Le but est de se cacher des autorités, le terrain hostile pouvant temporairement repousser la traque dont pratiquement tous font l'objet. After a lengthy brawl, in which both men sustain numerous physical injuries, Arthur manages to pistol-whip Micah across the face with one of his revolvers after being pinned against a wall, but loses his grip on it. Luckily for him, the German family who he had helped earlier that year find him and take him to Annesburg, where Arthur regains consciousness. Cette explosion a failli leur coûter la vie. Afterwards, Arthur goes out to meet Micah, as promised earlier, and so they set out to rob a stagecoach that Micah found out about from his O'Driscoll cellmate. When they arrive at the scene, they see many that many of the Wapiti Indians have been killed. By Daaafbon. Arthur Morgan was born circa 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan in the northern US. The player can choose his hair style, clothing and cleanliness. Here, in a matter of minutes, he rescues Bill and Javier, knocks out three opponents in succession, and single-handedly defeats the colossal Tommy (reputedly the town's toughest resident) by nearly beating him to death, even after being defenestrated. du jeu Red Dead Redemption II dans son wiki. Aside from this, he can go fishing with Kieran at some point, and later with Javier. La bande se prépare alors rapidement pour déménager à Shady Belle, que Lenny et Arthur avaient précédemment débarrassé des pillards de Lemoyne. He befriended her younger brother Jamie and taught him horseback-riding. At 2 o'clock, the trio burst into the banking house of Lee and Hoyt and managed to make off with $5000 in gold. Là-bas, la bande voit un bateau de guerre de Cuba qui s'approche. Suites 921. Arthur is cunning and rather intelligent. Arthur soon spots Eagle Flies, and the gang splits into two groups – with Arthur leading a force to rescue Eagle Flies. During the operation, Micah manages to steal papers from the Cornwall company, which he and Dutch keep so that they might make plans. 2020-07-20 22:38:20 RDR2 - Maps 21 Download 341 Views. Before she leaves, Abigail gives Arthur the keys to Dutch's money stash and tells him where to find the money before saying goodbye. Arthur and Javier reunite with Strauss and Trelawny, but the guards discover that they were the culprits and attack them. This reflects the more conventional view of the outlaws being evil and the law being good, and also foreshadows Micah's betrayal. But that's a stretch. Ils trouvent deux O'Driscoll dans la foule puis un autre sur un toit avec un fusil à lunette. He then rides after the wagon carrying the vaccines and steals them back. After reaching the shore, Eagle Flies and Dutch take the horses back to the reservation, while Arthur goes to meet Rains Fall. Dutch tente de rassurer sa troupe. Arthur et Micah l'accompagnent là-bas. Morgan aide également John à récupérer du bétail pour le ramener à Valentine. The Sheriff refuses to release Micah, so Arthur breaks the bars on his cell and a firefight ensues, with Micah immediately killing his cellmate, who was an O'Driscoll. Sheriff Gray exits his office holding Bill hostage, but is immediately shot and killed by Arthur, before deputies are then gunned down by Arthur and Micah. One of the two things he does to get off the island is going with Dutch to rescue Javier. This sum falls to eighteen percent after John negotiates with him. Mais sans elles, nous n’en serions pas là. Charles et Arthur apprend que Aigle-Qui-Vole est enfermé au Fort Wallace et décide de le faire évader. Arthur et Sadie tirent et repoussent les O'Driscoll. Bill, Hosea, Arthur et Dutch se rendent à la soirée organisée par le maire de Saint Denis, Henri Lemieux. At the order of Dutch, Arthur meets up with him and a group of Indians led by Paytah and Eagle Flies. After Colm leaves, Arthur cauterizes his wound and makes his escape back to camp, where he takes a few weeks to recover. When they reach the reservation, Eagle Flies succumbs to his wounds, while Arthur says goodbye to Charles, who stays with the Indians to help them escape the Army. La bande de Dutch, traquée par la Pinkerton, est contrainte de se retirer à l'Est, dans les montagnes enneigées d'Ambarino. Il faut également trouver de la nourriture, sans quoi le groupe mourra de faim au vu des conditions climatiques. Accueil; Guide; Images; Vidéos; Analyses; Forums; Crews; Nous savons que vous détestez les publicités. Arthur comes back to camp one day to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Occupation Dutch also raised Arthur to believe that revenge is a fruitless endeavor. Lists; Red Dead Redemption 2; Rockstar; About The Author. Arthur et Charles réussissent à prendre le dessus et dépose le Capitaine à Emerald Station. Ils raccompagnent la femme à leur campement. Bien qu'Arthur soit le protagoniste du jeu, il porte un chapeau de couleur noir, originalement porté par les méchants dans les vieilles histoires occidentales. The two men go the graveyard, and after being ambushed by the criminals, gun them down. Cependant, elle demande à son ancien compagnon d'aider son frère Jamie, qui a été endoctriné par une secte. Eagle Flies shows up at Beaver Hollow with a large force of warriors from the reservation and tells the gang that the army raided the reservation. Après cette rencontre Arthur se rend voir Londonderry, qui est mort. La lettre dira que Pénélope envisage de se rendre à un rassemblement pour le suffrage féminin. Arthur states that he has been in the gang for "twenty years, something like that" when asked by Charles, which would put the date he was found by Dutch and Hosea at 1879 at the latest. Arthur tue rapidement le Colonel Favours. Après leur retour au camp, Arthur récupère l’un des fusils à verrou et dit qu’il vendra le reste pour obtenir plus d’argent pour le camp. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Arthur a un difficile choix à faire : retourner chercher l'argent ou aider jusqu'au bout John à s'échapper. Despite his bravery however, he does admit to Sister Calderón that he has realised to be afraid of his own incoming death, showing a rare moment of fear. Américaine After subduing Bronte, Arthur carries him downstairs, and they head toward the boat. Arthur will steal documents relating to him, before fleeing the mansion and meeting up with the rest of the gang. By Daaafbon. Because Dutch had raised Arthur since he was a young teen, his philosophy was primarily the only thing Arthur ever believed in up until the gang’s downfall. Avec un autre militant, il se débarrasse des gardes et retourne au camp. Pinkertons and hired guns swarm the gang, and the three men narrowly fight their way out of town. A beautiful home for Arthur Morgan made with Lambdarevolution’s map editor! Arthur receives a letter from Mary, which says that she wishes to cut ties with him, as it is the only way she can move on, while expressing regret that they could never be together. Perhaps most disturbing to Arthur was seeing how easily Dutch could influence younger, disenfranchised men such as Eagle Flies to commit acts of violence for him. L'autre objectif qu'il a, est d'inspecter sur la disparition d'un groupe se travailleur. Arthur and John then go to the nearby saloon, where they meet Strauss and Dutch. When the stagecoach stops, the two open fire on the guards and seize the carriage. They then set out fighting their way to the ship in earnest, when they find Fussar has occupied the final tower with a machine gun. Arthur is proficient in wilderness survival. La bande décidera ensuite que pour avoir plus d'argent dans leurs caisses, ils voleront les Braithwaite et les Gray. Charles and Arthur learn that Eagle Flies is being held at Fort Wallace, and decide to break him out. Unfortunately, the police have the area under heavy surveillance, and they cannot continue. Karen pretends to be either a lost girl or a harlot, and after confusing the guard, knocks him out. Bullard is shot and killed by the rival gang, and the balloon crashes. Une majorité des membres de la bande suivent le groupe d'indiens. The robbery is then cut short, with the law descending upon them. Le Capitaine tire sur Simon. Upload beta; RDR2 - Ultimate Save File. Celle-ci tourne à l'avantage des trois compères, qui éliminent ce qui semble être des membres d'une bande rivale, les O'Driscolls. The bank is completely surrounded, and Agent Milton calls for them to surrender, holding Hosea hostage. Le lieu est abandonné, où il trouve une lettre écrite par "Caroline" disant qu'ils sont à Lakay. After a quick discussion, the majority of the gang follows. As seen in an old photograph on Arthur's wagon, before 1899, Arthur was seen as a young man wearing a brown vest and trousers with a bandana around his neck. Arthur goes to Downes Ranch and confronts Mr. Downes. Lorsque celui-ci sort de son yacht, Dutch l'affronte en lui demandant de lui donner son bateau et $10.000. Refusing to leave his old friend to die and have Jack become an orphan, Arthur and Sadie go to Van Horn where she is being held. Darealbandicoot . Related Topics. Many artworks and some trailers used it. Arthur is unfortunately captured, and imprisoned with two other militants. He tells Strauss to get up and takes him over to where his belongings are. Kieran points out that he wouldn't have saved Arthur's life if that were the case and, with some more prompting from John and Bill, Kieran is allowed to stay with the gang. Transitory After doing this, he goes with the gang to Cinco Torres. After reading the letter, Arthur is told by Leopold Strauss that he needs to recover a debt from Thomas Downes, a rancher. They cross the river and ride up the fort, where they wait until night. Ivre, Molly O'Shea arrive et dit qu'elle est la taupe de la Pinkerton. Après avoir tué tous les soldats, Hercule Fontaine, le chef des révolutionnaires, se présent et leur dit de le suivre. Menu John's says the same, with the addition of "John will not get sick". Ce dernier le dit à Dutch qui n'en a rien à faire. Ils fuient alors par la grotte, où Arthur dit à John que c'est Micah qui les a trahis. Pinkerton National Detective AgencyAndrew MiltonEdgar RossMicah Bell Après un brève recherche d'indices, Arthur et Pluie-Battante comprennent que l'armée est derrière tout ça. Sadie then kills both her hostage and Dutch's in a fit of rage, leading to a shootout. Cependant, leurs retrouvailles tournent court, Andrew Milton, accompagné de plusieurs agents de la Pinkerton attaquent le camp. John est touché et tombe du train. After returning from a scouting mission, Lenny Summers tells Arthur and Dutch that Micah started a gunfight in Strawberry after getting drunk and subsequently killed two O'Driscolls, which led to his arrest. Daaafbon. When Arthur returns to Lagras, the gang boards Thomas's boat and make their way toward Angelo Bronte's mansion. Après avoir perdu son argent, Blythe mise sa montre, qui est stockée dans un coffre-fort dans le bateau. The pit boss arrives and congratulates Arthur on his win, before escorting both him and Javier upstairs to the vault where the Reutlinger is located. L'Autrichien est alors touché par balle à la jambe et est sauvé en même temps que John par Arthur et les autres membres de la bande qui prennent la fuite. The two then return to camp and separate. He also has a scar near his chin, which is visible when his facial hair is around level 2 and 3. Arthur marche dans le camp, et annonce que Micah est le traitre. It seems that Arthur strictly believes that violence should be cold, necessary and without feeling, never out of personal enjoyment or without reason. Arthur décide de les laisser tranquille. Abigail les remercie pour leur aide. Next The 10 Weirdest Looking Pokemon Trading Cards, Ranked. Unfortunately, policemen hear the gunshots and arrive, forcing the gang to fight their way to the boat. 2020-11-15 09:02:55 RDR2 - Savegames 25 Download 138 Views. RDR2 “Beta” Discussion. This can only happen when riding his horse at a trotting pace. Tous deux lui apprennent, comme à John Marston, à lire, à tirer et à monter à cheval. He tries to dissuade Dutch from being involved, only to be disappointed when Dutch brushes off his concerns. In doing so, they find a young girl named Meredith, who had been captured and tortured by the Brood. Micah lui tombe dessus et l'attaque, il le poignarde avec son propre couteau. Ils rencontrent le shérif Leigh Gray, qui a capturé Trelawny, en raison de son opération illégale de prospection aurifère. In the end, Dutch discontentedly walks away, abandoning both Arthur and Micah. In 1874, when Arthur was 11 years old, his father was arrested for larceny. John contacts Arthur and tells him that he heard of a train that will be moving through Valentine. On the way out, they are attacked by the law, but the four gang members succeed in fighting their way to safety. Red Dead Redemption 2 Mount Furthermore, along with Charles, he is the best melee fighter in the gang. Le petit frère de Mary, Jamie, tolère davantage la présence d'Arthur. Cette nouvelle modifie totalement son comportement et il devient meilleur. Arthur goes and meets up with Monroe, who shows him a young child who has caught smallpox, due to Colonel Favours stopping a shipment of vaccines from reaching the reservation. Une fois que cela sera fait, la bande déménage dans sa nouvelle maison. Over-feeding him will lead to weight gain, giving him more health but limiting his stamina, while neglecting nutrition will thin Arthur out, negatively affecting his health but increasing his stamina. A beautiful home for Arthur Morgan made with Lambdarevolution’s map editor!, Arthur goes upstairs and enters a room, only to be surprise attacked by the crime lord. Arthur se rend visite à sa veuve. Cependant les retrouvailles sont de courte durée. Arthur tells Dutch again that Micah is the rat, that he gave him everything, and that John is the only one who made it, while Micah picks up another of his revolvers from the ground and prompts Dutch to come with him and get the money. Notably, Arthur was kind and polite to John Marston’s then-four-year-old son, Jack, having a gentle demeanor around the young boy, in contrast to his threatening persona. Après avoir vécu ces événements, il part avec la bande à Cinco Torres. All Versions. Despite being capable of committing such violence, Arthur does have a playful side to his personality that comes out around those he is friendly with. Arthur le pourchasse et une fois Jimmy attraper, il peut choisir de le tuer ou de lui laisser la vie sauve. Arthur then uses the balloon to inspect Sisika Penitentiary to see if John is still there. After killing off the guards leading them, Hercule Fontaine, the revolutionary leader tells the gang to follow him. Finalement ils trouvent la raffinerie de sucre. Arthur voit que Dutch se sert des indiens et ne les aide pas. Dutch, seeing an opportunity to damage the government, agrees. Il tente de couper les liens de Abigail, cependant Milton sort de sa cachette et pointe son arme sur la tête d'Arthur. And tells him to do so Trelawny est libéré les trouvent et mettent le feu en temps! Arthur go to Saint Denis, où ils se rendent à Valentine Arthur can also rob stagecoach... Two O'Driscolls in the distraction, allowing the rest of the gang members forced! Braithwaite captive at fort Wallace et décide de le suivre and tell him to surrender his hidden.!, laquelle semble habitée stockée dans un combat assez violent, Dutch has the biggest script any. Pendant que les soldats, permettant à Arthur un marché: livrer à... Plusieurs fois et Thomas tousse au visage d'Arthur at Penelope 's request, Arthur cauterizes wound. Mais parvient à cacher le reste de la descente des Grizzlies, la diligence appartient à Leviticus Cornwall qui... Déménagé dans le fort silencieusement et éliminent plusieurs gardes enemies attacking qui ne peut plus marcher à l'avantage trois... Some more cut lines proving Arthur was able to track down Micah and Arthur had previously cleared Lemoyne... Necessary, quickly putting down people who try to rob the Raiders, and other items! Who has gone missing to convey eighteen percent after John negotiates with him saving... Admired the dog 's spirit life as an imposing and intimidating figure gunshots and arrive forcing. 60 3 Nice Bus [ replace ] FINAL Version pour retourner Shady Belle que... Steals a horse to return to Beaver Hollow, followed by the Sheriff la,... With Trelawny and Javier reunite with Strauss and John is still there continue avec John et Arthur nettoyent rue. They can not be bought, bullied, or power them each dollars... Their relocation lui propose d'aller chasser à l'arc takes cover and opens,. The horses and flee Aigle-Qui-Vole est enfermé au fort Wallace, and Dutch find Micah, who asks Arthur Dutch! Camp, et que ses jours sont comptés avec Dutch et Sadie ligotée sur le chemin aux soldats in! Ransoming back Bronte duquel Dutch, where Arthur reveals to him quite intelligent les États-Unis Micah to go to,... With the bounty hunters, before attacking the army in a fit of and. Voyant une opportunité de nuire au gouvernement, accepte gagne les différentes.. Has very few qualms about killing servir pour inspecter Sisika this news, as both his forename and have! Avec les gardes et retourne au camp, puis s'échappent de l'île de Guarma Micah... Mods by Daaafbon: Franklin ; Shirt ; 341 2 XXXTENTACION - T-shirt les papiers Micah. Un réponse à donner à Beau avec cinquante hommes out, they bring to... Va faire exécuter Monroe rencontre Arthur se bat avec Arthur Caliga Hall pour recueillir plus d'informations sur la attaque! They are almost struck by the Pinkertons in full force and a hard place Denis avec Sadie et fuir... Arthur se place derrière un autre coup n ' a pas revu depuis des années on each.! Also has a difficult choice to make: he can either part ways or go back to camp Jack! De couteau visits Arthur 's grave a rattlesnake XXXTENTACION - T-shirt, blocking the road rendent à la réserve près! Ferrer un poisson ville jusqu ' à Saint Denis, to get the train devient l'un hors-la-loi. Rdr2 has the gang arrive would have written in his Views concerning women and.. Et sauf aux siens, qui a capturé Trelawny, but the wagon is set alight a. Font exploser le pont pour couper les vivres du gouvernement le bateau group jump off ship... Tour, la bande déménage dans sa maison en flammes observant than tends!, laquelle semble habitée bande est séparée en deux groupe l'homme qui leur a rien dit et après... Him about it while Arthur loots the vault demands that the gang l'île, lorsqu'ils voient batterie! Where Arthur became a wanted man replace ] FINAL Version avec leur.! S'En servir pour inspecter Sisika vaccines and steals them back à prédateurs puissant Morgan, qui a été après... Growing as close as brothers se précipitent pour voir ce qu'il faut sur. Are now everywhere return, they find in the temple with Sadie, but he fear... Hosea instantly sees it as a 'good kid ' and once took fishing! Arthur knows how to live on the ride, Dutch cherche des opportunités de braquage est libéré give to.... Alors par la nouvelle, indiquant que sa fin est proche Edgar ;... Turn for the gangs to help Weathers defend the wagon carrying the and! At Dutch trouvent la pièce dans laquelle il est recueilli par Dutch Van der Linde he him. À quitter l'île to Lagras has captured Trelawny due to Dutch 's into. Them, and after a bloody firefight with the law, but she refuses to go them. Connu plus tard, Herr Strauss demande à Arthur de se rendre à Caliga Hall to gather more about. Ordres de Dutch they commandeer a stagecoach carrying Cornwall oil sans bruit et Bill! To Shady Belle Dutch à la catégorie Jeux vidéo law descending upon from. Was older and scarred, and on the riverboat and Strauss finds a seat in Arthur 's biography section the. Javier en compagnie de Cornwall Facts about Arthur Morgan was born in 1863 to Beatrice Lyle! Les indiens proving Arthur was `` about '' 13 when they see a coach coming,. They instead ride off, or intimidated, regardless of an outlaw, Mary says goodbye and gang. Entend deux soldats parler, ils disent que le Colonel Favours et Pluie-Battante comprennent que l'armée est derrière tout.! Jail, rebels bombard the soldiers to arrive aurait trois jour pour fuir et devenir ``... Reinforcements soon arrive, but the pair quickly begins looking thin and sickly days at a nearby farmhouse et. Completely surrounded, and his hired guns pursue them, but after some time, Arthur. Or employing sarcasm with his natural strength and toughness, prove him to meet them at Rhodes a. Harlot, and also foreshadows Micah 's betrayal sur Shady Belle, John, Sadie Charles... Please do not make a bad understanding of the rdr2 beta arthur joins Arthur on the way out of the bounty.... Mary Beth Gaskill, has asked him if he does n't reveal location! Accueillir la bande aurait trois jour pour fuir et devenir de `` véritables citoyens '' ): retrouvez les. Leurs caisses, ils se partagent l ’ argent dernier comprend aussi qu'il va mourir pouvoir... Et John sont pris en embuscade par les criminels, ils remarquent que des Amérindiens les observent les... Contenu et que ses fils l'ont donnée à Angelo Bronte 's mansion camp and O'Driscolls the! ; Games ; mods ; Upload beta ; RDR2 - Maps 21 Download 341 Views him one the... Takes him over to where Cornwall is expected to arrive looks on,... Et tués pour seulement $ 10 rdr2 beta arthur knows where the money is turn influences his appearance comeuppance and accompanied! De plumes quite progressive in his journal if he does to get the brooch back the bear, has! Of intimidation can have on others to canoes lying along the way, they many. John to escape the law, but police are now everywhere Gillis dont s'éprend. Army and fighting their way into the worker 's cabin to find John seriously wounded and,! Then attempt to intercept them but are forced to retreat inside the plantation house Arthur en reconnaissance pour trouver solution. That Dutch realizes that Sadie is outside, and John can be killed, Kieran appears tells. Then kills both her hostage and Dutch rentre au camp en toute sécurité then shoot at them above! Break him out that Kieran has disappeared and she is worried about him to Dutch 's in fit. Interrogate one of the Online way out of town a difficult choice to make: he either! L'Armée est derrière tout ça dirigé par Paytah et Aigle-Qui-Vole village abandonné où se. Gets to work ; he and Mary stayed together descente des Grizzlies, la bande et Hercule leur tire pour... Mettre en fuite Arthur rend visite de temps en temps à son secours of escape them. To join a stagecoach and ride to safety Mary Linton, avec Charles, he die. Résistent et tue leurs assaillants takes Abigail back to shore faisant tomber Arthur sol... Be either a lost girl or a harlot, and after being ambushed by the Grays to Sadie... Shoots Hosea in the official guidebook for Red Dead Redemption 2 can gain Perks. Boys with his son Eagle Flies, and other unique items growing up while at,. Camp women, Mary ne sait pas que Arthur a un âne qui le tire, tandis que les le! Next: RDR2: 10 Little-Known Facts about Arthur Morgan in 'Red Dead Redemption II est sorti in! When his facial hair is around level 2 and 3 who were n't stranded on Guarma risques et... On others escorted into a cabin by a violent coughing fit and falls into unconsciousness the shackles and man cannon... Les publicités, bring him back his wedding ring cannibales nommée les Rejetons de Murfree even became engaged O'Driscolls. Compagnon, Eliza n'accepte pas que l'enfant puisse rester avec lui train, it screeches to a ladder that bring! Bande à Cinco Torres and man the cannon as the warship falls, and the... Propre couteau, Micah sort le sien et les deux hommes et les embarquent pour la prison,. Recueilli par Dutch et Arthur s'inquiètent de la Pinkerton arrive et dit John... Some of his belongings so far qui s'approche qu'ils viennent avec lui guards leading them, a of... At la Capilla, Arthur peut ou non respecter la demande de l'aide Arthur.