If you hire a BCC for your hardwood flooring project, they really do all the work so you don’t have too. Couldn’t be happier. White oak has a smoother less busy look and feel. I go into detail about hardwood in, Find a Bona Certified Craftsman (BCC). Red oak also has a more character than white oak which means it can conceal imperfections better over time. The technique used to apply the stain needs to be consistent. I was worried initially, but rather than detract, I think they help give the floors dimension and "character". First, we replaced over 100 boards. @Ryan Alex, How'd your NaturalSeal and Bona Mega ONE turn out? Whitewash looks way better on white oak. And Minwax is considered low-grade DIY stuff. The key here is the size that you are sampling. He likes the way the satin goes on, and said I won't experience satin "coming through" with wear. Water-Popped Bona DriFast Stain - Driftwood (Metropolitan Collection), Bona DTS and Bona Traffic Extra Matte Finish White Oak Plank Floors Bayswater Flat, London, UK They take TRAINING (which means unpaid time off and travel to a foreign city to learn these things = EXTRA COSTS). Stain color names mean nothing. Our stove looks like a pink iPhone. have red oak floors (old and new) and walnut cabinetry coming. Now, I am NOT a wine connoisseur (please continue reading and don’t unfollow me! I would look at someone else if they push DuraSeal. My sister built a home over 15 years ago. thanks for posting and I'll share final pics. Metropolitan: Graphite Sophisticated soul Saturated reds and smoky browns. 1/2 Weathered Oak to 1/2 Classic Gray; 3/4 Classic Gray to 1/4 Jacobean; Jacobean; None of these really gave me the look I wanted from the cedar. Thanks. We are having ours done right now and think they look too light with just the natural seal. Mine are from the late 60’s They have oranges a lot over the years. What's the reason for it? You can find hardwood flooring inspiration through. Katie- did you see the pics above by sbrooks? Would love to see pictures and/or hear how turned out and if had any red/pink undertone come through? Not sure how to share photos on here. That’s just the nature of wood. He recommended satin layer, then matte. I am looking for a red oak finish (no stain) that compliments walnut -- so, light with a little brown in them. To see the difference, take a plain piece of red oak, sand it - thats the look of naturalseal, then put a little water on it and that is the look of a polyurethane finish without a sealer. Now not sure what to do, We recently refinished our red oak floors to natural (no stain). Two questions I do have is how long should the contractors wait after applying the coat of seal and the traffic HD matte and how long between coats of the traffic HD matte? The reason we picked Bona HD was because it gave us the most natural looking grain while disguising as much pink as possible from the Red Oak species. We have red oak floors that basically make everything look a little more red. Time To Choose A Stain Color For White Oak Flooring Mommy Max. So I worked with a flooring company and we came up with a stain that allowed me to have the look I like without wasting resources. Quick Quote. This is a year out. The same applies to hardwood. Good luck. Lighter neutral wood is timeless and never goes out of style. It looks awesome. Rubio also offers the benefit/drawback of homeowner maintenance. Compatible with all Bona waterborne systems and all other Bona finish systems. your floors turned out beautifully, dominy! By going to this page you can see a sampling of what colors of Stain bona offers. Your kitchen is lovely!!! We originally planned on replacing it, but my brother who is an architect told me we’re crazy taking out solid oak floors! Frankly- I did ALL the work so you don’t have too. The big boys on the block (worth 3 TIMES the amount as DuraSeal) are MUCH more difficult to work with!!! Thank you L Slater. You can find a BCC through, The BCC will sand, stain, and finish the hardwood floor. I’m having him double bleach to remove the red as much as possible. I’m in the process of choosing what stain to refinish my red oak floors. Bona DriFast Stain® is an oil based product. I have also uploaded the video from my Youtube channel. She selected Bona Natural Seal topped with Bona Traffic HD water based polyurethane. The natural stain wont add much color, but it will do more than just clearcoat. @pcfl1 would love to see photos of how your Bona NaturalSeal and traffic HD matte floors turned out. That's why I said............."start your own thread" Your space is not that of another. Distribute to max. If we wanted to rip up the existing red oak and replace it with white oak, it would easily cost six figures. We are happy. I know the real cost of a HIGH END finish...and DuraSeal doesn't even come close. Comments (36) How do I know if my oak floors are white or red oak ? @msmcnulty oh gosh, I just noticed this message! But really- this was something I stressed and stressed over prior to starting this entire hardwood flooring process. But I still wanted to see what it looked like just to have a baseline from which to make some changes by tweaking the color. The floor does stain more easily than with our 20 year old Glitsa. He told me our red oak is #2 Common, also known as Builder’s (i.e., cheaper) grade. Before: And when we were done: Author Adam Posted on October 6, 2016 January 17, 2019 Categories Before and After Tags bona, graphite, polyurethane, stain Post navigation. Now- typically when you or I would hear the word Connoisseur- it would be safe to say that what immediately comes to mind is someone who really Really REALLY enjoys their wine. This is where Bona Inspiration is useful. So good to hear that you were happy with that finish on red oak as well. White oak has a smoother less busy look and feel. They assure me that once finished it will all blend well. That’s what we … DuraSeal is one of the lowest rungs of the "professional grade" products you can buy. We ended up selecting Bona HD. I'd do a warm medium brown to add warmth and the look of real wood. what did you mix with? I'm very pleased with the end result. Bona Drifast Hardwood Floor Stain Color Swatch Chart Red Oak. I can’t stand the thought of my oak hardwoods becoming landfill. Bona DriFast Quick Dry Stain (golden oak) is an oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours. Learn more. the documentation for each product on the bona site says how long to wait as well as a bunch of other info. I'm Jessica Layden, the author behind Just Being Jessica. Is it a loft? Ahhhhhh.....now you see why professionals like to work with DuraSeal....it costs MUCH less which means they make MUCH MORE. An oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours. We used Cabico (much more affordable). Next decision is weathered oak stain cut by 50%, to keep it a light stain, or the natural finish? I’ve heard that for grays you want to use the Bona Traffic HD Commercial Semi-Gloss to prevent yellowing. DriFast can be top coated with both our oil & waterbased finish products. It blended beautifully! Thank you for your feedback!! But I hope this is helpful. I’m beginning to think that it is super important to do the matte finish coat... think we used Bona ultra matte??? Find just the right shade or custom mix to provide a unique offering to your customers. But I need to know what finish she chose for the poly, is this semi-gloss? Thank you. and chances are I probably never will be (hope this doesn’t disappoint you!). Sorry if it’s a silly question. Our plan was to use Bona Nordicseal as well, until we realized that our floors were all Red Oak dating back to 1914 (Had to remove many coats of lacquer to find out). Anyone used bona nordicseal on red oak? The intensity and depth of colour can be controlled by the number of applications. Bona stains on red oak flooring. Discover (and save!) I have to choose a stain for red oak hardwood floor a. I love the openness/ natural light—all the windows and the trees . Bona DriFast® Stain - Classic. Wood Floor Designs provided swatches on the stain colors I was interested in on my 5 inch oak floors. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this informative resource. White oak and red oak will look different when the same stains are applied to them. Hope this works. For what my opinion is worth, these are the factors I kept in mind as I made my final stain and finish selections. I don’t want pink! Saved by Colpron Custom Floors LLC . Find out how to keep them that way, Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid, We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring, Which kitchen flooring is right for you? When it was sanded it looked beautiful & I didn’t really notice the red. Is that what you used? If you like the look of the floor when sanded but not yet sealed, finished, or stained, go with NaturalSeal. Wow! Bona DriFast Quick Dry Stain Nutmeg is an oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours. Our floor refinisher leans toward the natural in a satin finish. Your Name (required) Phone : Your Email … Read this series of posts. Is this a question? This really wasn’t even a question as there is no other comparable product on the market. I am currently living in a home that is over 50 years old! From those samples, I was able to decide rather quickly the look and feel I was going for. After using the Bona Natural Seal, my floors were finished with two coats of Bona Traffic HD. Instead, we did our research and found out that we could get close to the look of white oak by sanding the red oak and applying a white wash. We decided to go for it and spoiler alert, we are so glad we did! I wish we had bleached the hall flooring because those have a definite pink glow ;-). Bona graphite stain on both red and white oak. It is still as beautiful and timeless today! My understanding is regular 'poly' made the red oak look 'wet' and therefore the red comes out more. Now, say you’re on the fence… I will equate this next statement to hair dye. Did you bleach the floor or do any pretreatment? Malibu Dreams breathes inspiration from the sand, salt and sea with free-spirited floor tones that draw on rustic, natural elements. Graphite water popped onflWhite Oak. The gray is cold and dead looking IMO. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The customer wanted to stain the floor with country white. Can you show me some pics? Red Oak, White Oak, Platinum Gray, 10 Gloss. If you have red oak, I’d probably reconsider (as it will turn out pinkish and you may need to spend extra on bleaching the floors). this page you can see a sampling of what colors of Stain bona offers, Choose a Custom Mill to manufacture the product. But it wasn’t as popular in 2015 as it is now, so the flooring guy wasn’t as familiar with the colors that would have worked to get my desired effect) By the way, our floors are white oak and they were dull, worn and very ambered. Had anyone used Mariner vintage painted tile. our floor saga continues and funny enough is supposed to be resolved this week. I have a ton of pics of all the different stains we did on our white oak to try to get this look. The sanding part is 3 TIMES more demanding than regular finishes. Any thoughts on which direction I should go in. The stain can react differently to different boards – that makes a huge difference in the end so make sure your samples cover a big space. Sep 4, 2017 - Explore Stephanie Wood's board "Bona Floor Stain" on Pinterest. As Julie has mentioned it changes throughout the day. Industrial space and it was left to acknowledge that? Your personal take on good-news/bad-news is all wrapped up in "personal expectations". I'm leaning toward Bona NaturalSeal w/ Bona Traffic HD or Bona Mega One. No biggie- I don’t mind because I threw a busy area rug over the hall so nobody pays attention to the pink there. Grays and rich, chocolaty black. They are a tad pink (it is red oak) but we love it. Water-Popped Bona DriFast Stain - Driftwood (Metropolitan Collection), Bona DTS and Bona Traffic Extra Matte Finish White Oak Plank Floors Bayswater Flat, London, UK I used Special Walnut on old red oak and here's what it looks like: It will look much better than the pink wood floors you have now. Always prepare test samples on the type of wood to be used. Red Oak, Slate Gray, 10 Gloss, White Oak. Our refinished floors are beautiful and bright. Likewise- your home is beautiful. We still see subtle pink on cloudy dark Seattle days (especially when the lights are turned on), but the grain is what truly stands out, and you can’t get that in the NordicSeal we learned after seeing both applied to our unfinished floors (image below). The pics above are newer and I tried to find ones that show the floors in various lighting. That being said, my red oak floors are OLD... think my house was built in ‘58 and the flooring is original. Such a bummer, Katie. Red oak has a pinkish tint whereas white oak is a bit browner and more yellow. Also the stair treads are a different wood. I’m so glad you’re following our journey home. It still has original red oak flooring and it’s still beautiful. Bona DriFast White Stain. My contractor did not and there are a couple white chunks. Putting white stain over red oak will just turn my floors pink, and not in a good way. But, either stain should look good with your walls. Custom Mixed Stains Floor Staining Bellevue Service. If you stain them, the difference does decrease so if you definitely want a stain, it may be more economical to choose red oak over white. See more ideas about floor stain, staining wood, floor colors. As far as being too stark... it is worth the money/ effort and time to do lots of samples... use sticky notes and blue tape to record and identify the various mixtures you’ve created. Previous Previous post: 5″ pre-finished hickory by Bellawood. ...See More. Brooke Lewis have your floors stayed the same? Wood Floors Stain Colors For Refinishing Hardwood. With its headquarters in sweden bona is now present in almost 100 different countries all over the world through subsidiaries and distributors. TEKNOS® INDUSTRIAL COATINGS. I am ‘Just Being Jessica’, and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the word Connoisseur. This post was written in collaboration with Bona and Wood Floor Designs. I tested using Minwax again . Hooray! A question I’ve been asked a lot is why did I choose white oak over red oak? I've seen better. An expert gives us the rundown, Snowy cabinets and walls speak to a certain elegance, while marble counters whisper of luxury, Give your joints a break while you're standing at the stove, with these resilient and beautiful materials for kitchen floors, See why an engineered wood floor could be your best choice (and no one will know but you), https://www.hardwood-flooring-chicago.com/, Houzz Tour: Glory Days Again for Converted Scottish Lighthouse, What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors, What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor, Pros and Cons of 5 Popular Kitchen Flooring Materials, Dream Spaces: 12 Beautiful White Kitchens, 7 Kitchen Flooring Materials to Boost Your Cooking Comfort, The Dumbest Decorating Decisions I’ve Ever Made, Cannot decide which prefinished hardwood to choose. I would have to agree fully with your brother... trends come and trends go. Yes, we just finished an entire first floor refinish of red oak with the Bona product. May 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Steele Consulting Group. Thank you! Mar 27, 2018 - Testing Bona sealers on red oak. Anyone have thoughts or comments on bleaching to reduce red? Thank you. minwax water based stain on oak hardwood plywood ana white minwax water based stain on oak hardwood plywood via ana-white.com adventures in staining my red oak hardwood floors products process staining red oak hardwood floors 8 entryway and music room wood conditioner via addicted2decorating.com Katie, I agree--you need to re-sand and stain them a medium brown color. lilmiche just seeing this....I’m prob too late:( (I’ll add pics.) Along the way I learned to appreciate the artistry that goes into crafting amazing wooden floors. Next Next post: Natural red oak with a curve. Once you go too dark, it’s so difficult to go lighter. DuroSeal is manufactured by the same company that makes Minwax....DuraSeal is one step better than Minwax. Thanks:). If you love white wash, then I say go for it…as long as you have white oak. She also chose to install an oak floor. The cost of the BEST stuff on the market = $180 - $200 per gallon. It takes training and lots of it. All samples have to be prepared the same way the floor has been. 3 m2 at a time. A premium quality quick-drying stain for interior hardwood floors, DriFast Stain's advanced technology, quick-drying formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor finishing professionals. did you add a stain or seal? My experience was the same as Ryan.